Namie Amuro – Golden Touch (SSTV) [2015] HDTV H264 1080p

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[PV] Namie Amuro - Golden Touch [2015.05.26]
(安室奈美恵 - Golden Touch)
h264 / HDTV / (SSTV HD Full Ver.) / 121.33 MB

Release Info
安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)

The new music video for ""Golden Touch"" off the new album ""_genic"" was released. This music video is made by PARTY NY which is run by creative director Shinji Kawamura who has received various awards including Cannes Lions along with LOGAN, a video production based in NY and LA. Based on the song title “Golden Touch”, the concept of the video is “Touch.” It is a simulated interactive music video that let’s you touch the video and experience a different type of touch.

「Golden Touch」
発売日: 2015/06/10‎
1440x1080i H.264 SSTV! HD

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