Negicco – LIVE & LIFE Negicco 2014-15 Winter [2015] DVDRip x264

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Negicco - LIVE & LIFE Negicco 2014-15 Winter [2015.04.07]
(ねぎっこ - LIVE & LIFE Negicco 2014-15 Winter)

Disc 1 "Live" features the entire concert "Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~" which took place on January 25 at Liquidroom, Tokyo.
The girls were supported by a live band, NegiBand, on stage.

Disc 2 "Life" is a documentary on the idol group from Niigata. It follows Nao☆, Megu and Kaede during the release events held for their latest single
"Hikari no Spur" which reached the 5th rank at the Oricon weekly ranking.

With chapters

Disc 1
Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~ 2015 Winter@ LIQUIDROOM
1. Triple! Wonderland (トリプル!Wonderland)
2. Neutrino Love (ニュートリノ・ラヴ)
3. Futari no Yuugi (二人の遊戯)
4. Sweet Soul Negi (スウィート・ソウル・ネギィー)
-- MC
5. Cream Soda Love (クリームソーダLove)
6. Atarashii Koi no Uta (新しい恋のうた)
7. My Beautiful Life
8. Life Is Candy Travel (ライフ・イズ・キャンディ・トラベル)
-- MC
9. Koi no Express Train (恋のExpress Train)
10. Route Seven no Kioku (ルートセヴンの記憶)
11. Kimi to Iru Machi (君といる街)
-- MC
12. Negative Girls! (ネガティヴ・ガールズ!)
13. Attouteki na Style (圧倒的なスタイル)
14. Party ni Tsuite (パーティーについて。)
15. Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー)
-- MC
16. Hikari no Spur (光のシュプール)
17. Sayonara Music (さよならMusic)

Disc 2
1. Documentary of Negicco -2014-2015 Winter (冬) -

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