Nissy – HOCUS POCUS [2016] DVD ISO

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[Album] Nissy - HOCUS POCUS [2016.03.24]
ISO / Lossless / DVD / Nissy Edition - 2016

HOCUS POCUS is the first studio album released by Nissy. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+3DVD Nissy edition, a regular CD+DVD edition, and a regular CD Only edition. The Nissy edition comes with a gift box, 24-page photo book, a three-sided digipak, a HOCUS POCUS ticket, and a message card. Both regular editions come with a 24-page EP-size photo book. It was released exclusively through mu-mo, his website, and iTunes.

DVD 1: Music Videos

DVD 2: Documentary Part I

DVD 3: Documentary Part II

One of the most expensive item I've ever purchased.

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

Filename Size
XNSC 24006B.ISO 4.74 GB
XNSC 24006C.ISO 7.12 GB
XNSC 24006D.ISO 7.14 GB


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