Onna Michi 2015 Complete HDTV MPEG2 1080p

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日剧:女人之路 (全8集)

オンナミチ EP01-08 1080i HDTV MPEG2-HDBigerTV

◎中文名 女人之路
◎外文名 オンナミチ
◎出品时间 2015
◎制片地区 日本
◎拍摄地点 日本
◎首播时间 2015-08-04(日本)
◎导 演 村松弘之
◎编 剧 田中ひろみ / 坪田文
◎主 演 片濑那奈 / 渡边绘里 / 德重聪 / 市川由衣 / 小野百合子
◎官方网站: nhk.or.jp/pyd/onnamichi/

32-year-old Yamaguchi Rika works for a record company. She has the worst birthday of her life when she is invited to a meal and cheated of her money by her useless ex-boyfriend, Suzuki Masao. When she returns home from his apartment filled with regret, an outlandish older woman dressed in a leopard print dress suddenly appears in front of her with white smoke. This older woman identifies herself as Rika from 20 years into the future. She laments her untimely death, which was caused by losing her footing on a beer bottle at a pub. She has come from the future in order to make a fresh start in life and insists that Rika stop associating with Masao. At first, Rika does not believe her. But when Rika from the future correctly guesses the things to come and announces that she will die like this at age of 52 at the pub she is supposed to run in the future, Rika is shaken. Together with her future self with a despairingly different style and appearance, Rika begins a big battle to start life over again. -- Jdrama Weblog

现年32岁的山口梨花(片濑那奈 饰)青春靓丽,开朗奔放,单身的她供职于东京一家唱片公司,看起来颇为享受当下的物质生活。某天,她和前男友见面,所谓酒是色媒人,二人你情我愿,一夜欢愉。当梨花拖着疲惫的身体回到公寓时,却发现一位大妈(渡边绘里 饰)出现在自己面前。令她难以置信的是,对方知晓关于她的点点滴滴,甚至清楚梨花未来的情况。原来这位衣着恶俗、身材臃肿的大妈就是二十年后52岁的梨花,大妈梨花经历了人生的种种坎坷,她在去世后穿越回到了二十年前,也许正是生前那份不甘的执念,让她无论如何希望改变年轻时候自己的人生。两个梨花,如何面对看起来既定的命运?

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