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Peng You Quan 2014 720p WEB DL.x264 AAC SmY [ENG SUBS)

In a grand gathering, brought together a variety of successful people, actors models, one of the most attractive is the coming of the soft mode Eliza, has a perfect body and she became the new darling of everyone in the eyes of the media reporters are on the scene quasi her, she stood on the stage to show off her body, then, believe in everyone's mobile micro circle of friends, coincidentally shared a series of Pornographic and video, and this is the lord Pornographic woman Eliza, Elle Lufthansa unaware on stage, she and some actor, a manager, a public figure in bed, the various hot sultry pose, so that the men in the field had enough eye addiction. Its broker Linda saw this photo, quickly left with Eliza, the total RV deputy in the party scene, but also lay the gun, a few months ago, he recalled, he recommended the company under the plan, Eliza found a new generation of young model, let her speak Iwill car, with her pure and beautiful image, combined with RV, planning company specifically tailored fashion photo, publicity is very good. Who knows, but today such an embarrassing situation occurred in the face of endorsement contracts, he dilemma.
Eliza home, saw Pornographic, she was very upset, her boyfriend about the incident, angry, questioning her boyfriend's face, Eliza only choose silence. Hundreds of millions of users overnight micro-channel ring insane forwarded these photos, these Pornographic yy otaku who became the object of a new generation of "house men and women of God" was born. Eliza front of the camera, she chose to remain silent, his agent Linda for her rounders, certainly someone framed Eliza said, be sure to find out the backstage manipulator. At this point, Eliza pure image has been spurned by everyone. As long as she appears in public, reporters and fans will be besieged, abusive, let get out of the entertainment business. Someone to stand up for his rescue, he is a real estate company manager Chen Yu, Eliza behind him. Meanwhile, the pressure of public opinion can not stand her boyfriend broke up, Eliza heart suffers, she chose to commit suicide, but fortunately was Chen came to the rescue in time, in the face of enormous pressure, Eliza choose a temporary farewell to the entertainment industry, She apologized in tears in front of the media, brokers spit out the truth on the microblogging himself in order to allow Eliza redder, and famous network Pushing Hands union, produced a series of Pornographic events. In order to quell the storm, and Eliza broker Linda has lifted the contract, leaving Eliza in all of the time, only one person to support her, real estate heavyweights Chen Yu, Chen Yu accompanied Eliza relax, chat, also took her to the temple to do public service activities, he made a high-profile public service announcement Eliza makeup photos on its micro-Bo, after a lapse of six months, gradually forgotten by everyone Eliza and re-makeup look appear. Chen Yu and Eliza get along these days, Eliza very good impression on him. Open your heart to him and told him, in fact, that Pornographic incident, she already informed, just to get ahead, you want to be famous, she had only to face the public to act. Eliza ready devotion to Chen, but he refused to let her take the development of Chen, waiting for her future path. After a quiet period of time, she also knows fame is a double-edged sword, she would later carefully choose a new path, she sat room in the car, watching the scenery go backwards, she knew she was still on the road, but also the struggle , as a beautiful butterfly tattoo on her chest as jitter wings to fly. . . . . .

Title: Peng You Quan
AKA: 朋友圈
Genre: Erotic , Drama , Romance
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 75 minutes
Director: Song Jianjun
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese , English

Zhang Ying Man
on Man Li
Hua Teng
Fei Yang Xun
Wang Shengnan

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