Perfume – LEVEL 3 [2013] FLAC Vinyl Album

Posted 17/05/2014 Music ,

This is NOT the internationally released CD, this is a NEW VINYL version that is only available in Japan.

FLAC / Lossless / Vinyl / JAPANESE vinyl press - 2014

24bit/96KhZ version.

->Vinyl condition: Mint/New
->Turntable: Project III Carbon, Ortofon 2M Blue cart
->Soundcard: ASUS Xonar DX
->Ripped with Audacity, 192KhZ, 32 bit float
->Declick with Izotope RX2 Advance: Declick M Band, Random, Level 1.5
->Downsample to 24 bit/96 KhZ WAV with Izotope RX2 Advanced
->Separate/split tracks manually using Audacity
->Converted to FLAC with Foobar 2000, level 5 FLAC
->Tagged manually

▼Side One
1. Enter the Sphere
2. Spring of Life (Album-mix)
3. Magic of Love (Album-mix)
4. Clockwork
▼Side Two
1. 1mm
2. 未来のミュージアム
3. Party Maker
▼Side Three
1. ふりかえるといるよ
2. ポイント
3. だいじょばない
4. Handy Man
▼Side Four
1. Sleeping Beauty
2. Spending all my time (Album-mix)
3. Dream Land






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