Perfume x DJ momo-i – AKIHABALOVE [2005] DVD ISO

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[DVD] Perfume x DJ momo-i - AKIHABALOVE [2005.08.29]
(ぱふゅーむ x DJ Momo-i - アキハバラブ)
ISO / DVD / 2.17 GB

Credits to b_ry29 @ jpopsuki.

Here are some additional info:

DVD contents:
01 - Uchimizu promo
02 - Furitsuke video - intro
03 - Furitsuke video - angle 1 - front
04 - Furitsuke video - angle 2 - back
05 - Furitsuke video - angle 3 - closeups
06 - Furitsuke video - outro

01 is an animated promo/PSA message with Perfume as the voice actresses for the characters. 02-06 are a dance lesson version of the song where you can watch their dance for the song. Intro message, choice of three different angles of it to view, then outro message.

Notes on the DVD (skip this if you don't care about video details and just assume I did everything right):
The original disc was authored and prepared weirdly (badly). Odd matting during the first 2 angles. First one had a black matte around a white matte with a color striped border around the actual video part, second one had just the white matte around the striped part, 3rd had none. The intro and outro were also weird, they were in letterboxed barely widescreen - between a 1:.45 and 1.5:1 ratio after I cropped the black matting. Since the "wide" part was just a completely white room with nothing happening at all in it, I cropped that down to to make those videos a more normal 4:3 ratio. For further weirdness, the outro had major artifacting on the bottom of the main video on top of the matting, like overscan that hadn't been removed and then the matte was added. Cropped that in addition to the matte, then got rid of whitespace like with the first half.

The only thing was that was really done well was the animation clip, kind of gave the impression the rest had been prepared and added late in the process. But even with the animation clip about half the length of it was the credits for it with the song playing over them. Since you have the song on the CD and in the background of the furitsuke videos I chopped that part off and only encoded the actual clip for the avi.

The result of all that is that half the files are a different file resolution, but all were done to retain original AR and keep as close to the size of the content on the actual DVD as possible at the same time. So the sizes are:
01 - 632x360
02 - 640x480
03 - 520x396
04 - 512x388
05 - 640x480
06 - 640x480

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.


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