RHYMESTER – Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful [2015] CD Album

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[Album] RHYMESTER - Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful [2015.07.29]
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Release Info
1. Beautiful - Intro (Produced by DJ JIN, SWING-O)
2. Footsteps in the Dark (Produced by PUNPEE)
3. Still Changing (Produced by BACHLOGIC)
4. Kids In The Park feat. PUNPEE (Produced by PUNPEE)
5. Pain Killer (Produced by -Banned Artist-)
6. Beautiful - Interlude (Produced by DJ JIN, SWING-O)
7. SOMINSAI feat. PUNPEE (Produced by PUNPEE)
8. Mononkuru ~モノンクル~ (Produced by PUNPEE)
9. Galapagos (Produced by BACHLOGIC)
10. The X-Day (Produced by Mr. Drunk)
11. Beautiful (Produced by DJ JIN, SWING-O)
12. Ningen kousaten ~人間交差点~ (Produced by DJ JIN)
13. Silent Night (Produced by PUNPEE)
14. Microphone (Produced by BACHLOGIC)

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