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Adapted from a short story by famed Taiwanese novelist, Chen Yu Hang, Run Away is set in the famine stricken turmoil following the gradual demise of the Tang Dynasty. A band of bandits are scouring the countryside for grains to get through the approaching winter. In one of the raids a village girl, Dan Ju, is forcefully taken from her parents as collateral when the villagers come up short with grains and food for the bandits. After a dramatic turn of events, the film concludes by focusing on the wretched existence of the bandits and the complex love-hate relationship between the abducted Dan Ju and a sympathetic bandit, Ho Nan.

Run Away 策馬入林 1984 DVD
DVD / ISO / 4.33 GB
Subtitle: English

A realistic martial arts film, Run Away shows Wang Tung's efforts in integrating realistic cinematography, meticulous researched art design, and naturalistic acting to tell a humanistic story, very similar to what Akira Kurosawa did in his samurai films.

- Historical Dictionary of Taiwan Cinema

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