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What is the present situation of family in this era? Family is our root and the most faithful and dependable value. Nevertheless, family is dissolving due to unemployment, poverty, divorce arising from economic crisis. Thus, family ends up driving us into the deepest despair. This drama features varied types of family to illuminate if we are doing our duty as parents or children.
Woo-Jin (Jae Hee) is an ambitious doctor. After he failed in love, he no longer believes in true love. He views marriage as just a business. Hae-Soo (Kang Byul) works as an assistant chef. She dreams of getting married to the right man and having a family. Woo-Jin soon falls in love with Hae-Soo. He comes into conflict with love and ambition.
Save the Family 가족을 지켜라 (2015) NTSC 12xDVD9
DVD / ISO / Untouched / 88.67 GB
Subtitles: Chinese, English

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