Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin) (2011) Complete HDTV x264 720p

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Scarlet Heart, also known as Bubu Jingxin, is a Chinese television series based on the novel of the same Chinese title by Tong Hua. Filming for the series started on 6 December 2010 in Shanghai and ended on 22 March...

Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin) (2011) 720p HDTV (Complete)
x264 3 163 Kbps 1280x720 pixels Constant 25.000 fps
AC-3 448 Kbps 6 channels 48.0 KHz 16 bits
Subtitle: English

Rating: 8.3/10 (76 votes)
Actors: Annie Liu Damian Lau Liu Shishi Nicky Wu Kevin Cheng Lin Gengxin Yuan Hong Jialin Zhao
Released: 10 Sep 2011 (4 years ago) Genre: Adventure Drama Action
Countries: China Languages: English Mandarin
Title: 步步惊心 / Bu Bu Jing Xin
English title: Scarlet Heart
Also known as: Startling By Each Step
Genre: Romance, period drama
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Episodes: 35
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-10 to 2011-Sep-29
Air time: 22:00
Opening theme song: One Persistent Thought by Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma (阿兰·达瓦卓玛)
Ending theme song: San Cun Tian Tang by Yan Yi Dan (严艺丹)

Synopsis: Zhang Xiao, a 25 year old girl from modern times had just gotten into a fight which leads to a car accident that caused her to go back to the Qing Dynasty. There, she is in the body of Maertai Ruo-Xi who is the sister of the 8th Prince's wife, Maertai Ruo-Lan. In the Qing Dynasty, she finds that life is hard because love is controlled by only one person and is not decided freely. She becomes entangled into the battle of the Princes for the Throne. Ruo-Xi has half a year before she enters the Palace for the maiden selections. How will she survive the Qing Dynasty?

Liu Shi Shi as Maertai Ruo Xi / Zhang Xiao
Men of Aisin Gioro
Nicky Wu as Yin Zhen (4th Prince)
Kevin Cheng as Yin Si (8th Prince)
Yuan Hong as Yin Xiang (13th Prince)
Lin Geng Xin as Yin Ti (14th Prince)
Han Dong as Yin Tang (9th Prince)
Ye Zu Xin as Yin'e (10th Prince)
Damian Lau as Kangxi Emperor
Zhang Lei as Yin Reng (Crown Prince)
Chen Jing Yu (陈镜宇) as Yin Zhi (3rd Prince)
Wang Xiao Dong (王小东) as Yin Qi (5th Prince)
Wives of Aisin Gioro
Annie Liu as Maertai Ruo Lan
Shi Xiao Qun as Gorolo Ming Hui
Liu Yu Xin as Gorolo Ming Yu
Guo Zhen Ni as Lu Wu
Dai Chun Rong as Consort De
Liu Jie (刘洁) as Consort Liang
Mu Ting Ting as Lady Ulanara
Lu Mei Fang (陆梅芳) as Lady Nian (ep.27)
Deng Li Min as Li De Quan
Cao Xin Yue as Qiao Hui
Ye Qing as Yu Tan
Wang Jia Hui as child Yu Tan
Zhou Yan Cheng (周彦呈) as Wang Xi
Kang Ming Tong (康铭桐) as Yun Xiang
Hu Zhong Hu (胡中虎) as Gao Wu Yong
Qi Qing Lin as Li Fu
Shen Bao Ping as Zhang Qian Ying
Guo Xiao Ting as Suwan Guwalgiya Min Min
Ba Sen as Prince Suwan Guwalgiya
Zheng Kai as Irgen Gioro Zuo Ying
Chai Wei as Cheng Huan
Qu Ao Hui as Hong Shi
Xing Han Qing as Nian Geng Yao
Zhao Jia Lin (赵家林) as Longkodo
Gao Sen (高森) as Li Guang Di
Lian Te Yue (连特约) as Physician He
Ma Tian Yu as Huang Di (guest)

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