Seven 2 One 2009 DVDRip x264

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Seven 2 One.2009.DVDRip.x264.AC3.WahDee

WARNING: Despite all the pop idols and "leng mo" in the film, they actually can act.

Directed by: Danny Pang Fat
Duration: 1 hr, 20 min
Language: Hong Kong
Subtitles: English (embedded)

Chor-kiu Chan - Carolyn
Stephanie Cheng
Yung Cheng - Yung
Siu-Fai Cheung
Leo Chim - Leo
Chun-sing Chiu - Gary
Wylie Chiu - Wylie
Chrissie Chau - Chrissie
Pakho Chow
Terence Chui - Gut
James Ho
Seung-him Ho - Orange
Katy Kung - Katy
Mimi Chi Yan Kung
Elanne Kwong - Ling
William Chan Wai-Ting - William
Jones Xu - Cheng-hei

A convenience store is robbed by a man in mask, at all that chaotic moment, a customer is stabbed with a little table knife on his back and fell over?!

The robber is jolted and in a blaze, he hustles to run away. All of a sudden, his lookout is knocked down by a car, the lady deadly pours in a pool of blood…

Inside the car sits two young guys who should have got there to rob that convenience store in the first place, unfortunately they are impeded by a lady passed by while stealing the car… since then their plan have to be changed. Two guys are totally thunderstruck when they knock over the lady…

It is about the same time, a team of police comes coincidentally for an unrelated operation, all the things are uncovered and all the guys are arrested.

All the crazy things happen at one night, but none of the incidents are really coincident. It comes out like this is all because someone plays too BIG!!

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