Sexy Zone – Welcome to Sexy Zone [2016] CD Album

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[Album] Sexy Zone - Welcome to Sexy Zone [2016.02.24]
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Release Info
[First-run limited deluxe edition]
1. Welcome to Sexy Zone (Introduction)
2. 24-7 ~Bokura no Sutoorii~
3. Celebration!
4. Cha-Cha-Cha Chanpion
5. Love Confusion
6. Electric Shock (Nakajima, Kikuchi)
7. Last winter’s night (Sato solo)
8. Sweety Girl (Marius, Matsushima)
9. Make my day
10. Dare nimo Tokenai Misuterii
11. But... (Kikuchi solo)
12. Mr. Jealousy (Nakajima solo)
13. Easy Come! Easy Go! Easy love!
14. Color Eyes
15. Furendo
Bonus track
16. Mujaki na Jikan wa Sugiyasuku (Sato, Nakajima, Kikuchi)

(Extravagant Bonus DVD)
1. “24-7 ~Bokura no Sutoorii~” music video
2. Making of the “24-7 ~Bokura no Sutoorii~” music video
3. “Make my day” video montage
4. Making of the cover photo shoot
5. 5th anniversary celebration project! Banish the worldly desires that have built up over the last 4 years! Intense Sexy temple training! ?

[Regular edition]
Bonus track
17. You're the only one (Kikuchi, Marius, Matsushima)
18. New Day (Sato, Nakajima)

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