The Shadow Boxing (1979) Bluray BD25 1080p

Posted 23/03/2016 Film

The proven team of director Lau Ka Leung and star Gordon Lau collaborate on The Shadow Boxing, a horror-comedy featuring the famed hopping vampires of Hong Kong Cinema lore! Gordon Lau is Zhang Jie, an escaped convict out to prove his innocence. But first he has to get to the man who really committed the crime, which won't be easy. Luckily, two vampire herders (Lau Ka Wing and Wong Yu) are in the midst of herding wayward vampires to their families for burial. So how does Zhang Jie avoid capture by the authorities? He pretends to be a hopping vampire, with predictably hilarious results! Director Lau Kar Leung mixes his excellent action choreography with minor horror elements and a large helping of comedy. Also known as Spiritual Boxer 2, The Shadow Boxing features its fair share of hopping vampire action, and is a fine introduction to this unique Hong Kong genre!

The Shadow Boxing 茅山殭屍拳 (1979) Blu-Ray 1080p x264-AF
BLURAY / BDMV / BD25 / 20.81 GB
Subtitle: Japanese, English

iNFO Bluray 1080p x264-AF

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