Sheena & the Rokkets – SHEENA FOREVER Sheena & the Rokkets 35th ANNIVERSARY “ROKKET RIDE TOUR @Yaon” 2014.09.13 Kanzenban Rocksou Document FujiTV NEXT 2015 HDTV MPEG2 1080p


[TV-Music] (シーナ&ザ・ロケッツ - SHEENA FOREVER シーナ&ロケッツ 35th ANNIVERSARY “ROKKET RIDE TOUR @野音”2014.09.13<完全版>~ロック葬ドキュメント (FujiTV NEXT 2015.04.07))
MPEG2 / HDTV / 14.06 GB

Release Info
Sheena, who died on Feb 14 2015, This is a memorial program that remembrance.
2014.09.13 Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudou
1440x1080 150min

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