Shiina Ringo – RINGO EXPO Professional Academic 2014 [2015] DVDRip x264

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[DVD] Shiina Ringo - RINGO EXPO Professional Academic 2014 [2015.03.24]
(椎名林檎 - RINGO EXPO Professional Academic 2014)
MKV / DVD / 1.43 GB

Release Info
Shiina Ringo- Ringo Expo Academic '14 is a mail order/fanclub exclusive release that features the entire Ringo Expo 14 show from 2014.12.21 (the day after the show on the main DVD/Blu Ray). It is entirely recorded from one still position, and audio quality varies. It's main purpose is to show off the stage design.

/私の愛するひと/禁じられた遊び/暗夜の心中立て/BETWEEN TODAY AND TOMORROW/決定的三分間


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its like watching ants

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