Shizuka Kudo – Kudo Shizuka I’m not Concert Tour 1998 DVD

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This concert DVD is 9 of 10 that is part of Shizuka Kudo the Live DVD Complete Box.
Am going to up each DVD by its own title and release date - you can find info on each at the link above.

工藤静香 - 工藤静香 I'm not Concert Tour 1998
ISO / DVD / 4.19 GB
Released: 1998.10.07

1. glacier -Hyouga- (glacier -氷河-)
2. Mysterious (ミステリアス)
3. delusion -Mousou- (delusion -妄想-)
4. Koi Hitoyo (恋一夜)
5. Passage (パッセージ)
6. Pop corn
7. doggie
8. Sono Ato wa Ame no Naka (そのあとは雨の中)
9. Tenshi Mitai ni Odorasete (天使みたいに踊らせて)
10. Senryuu no Shizukuu (千流の雫)
11. in the sky
12. Kirara (きらら)
13. Blue Velvet
14. Nostalgia (ノスタルジア)
15. Setsu・getsu・ka (雪・月・花)
16. Koe wo Kikasete (声を聴かせて)

Kudo Shizuka I'm not Concert Tour 1998 is Kudo Shizuka's ninth concert video.




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