SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original Version- 2016 Bluray x264 1080p


SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original Version- 2016 Bluray 1080p x264-AF
(SM 타운 - SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original Version-)
Blu-Ray / 1080p / 2 Disc / .MKV

Release Info
SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original Version- Complete

Disc 1

-SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original Version- (Documentary Movie) [112 min]

-Japan Trailer 30 & 60 sec ver

-Live Performance Collection [92 min]
1. Wolf/EXO
2. ウィーアー![Japanese Ver.]/東方神起
3. Somebody To Love[Japanese Ver.]/東方神起
4. Catch Me -If you wanna-[Japanese Ver.]/東方神起
6. Happiness/Red Velvet
7. Everybody[Japanese Ver.]/SHINee
8. LUCIFER[Japanese Ver.]/SHINee
10. I'm Lay/レイ(EXO-M)
11. HyoYeon Dancing Time/ヒョヨン(少女時代)
12. Deep Breath/カイ(EXO-K)
13. Danger/テミン(SHINee)
14. Overdose/EXO
15. You Need Me/チャンミン(東方神起)、テミン(SHINee)、ディオ(EXO-K)、ジェヒョン(SMROOKIES)
16. Sorry, Sorry/SUPER JUNIOR
17. Rockstar/SUPER JUNIOR
18. Growl/EXO
19. Hot Summer/f(x)
20. Girls On Top/BoA
21. INTO THE NEW WORLD(Ballad Ver.)/少女時代
22. 光(Hope)/SMTOWN

Disc 2 [181 min]
-Backstage Collection
-Making Collection
-Japan Promotion Comments
-Japan Theatrical Pre-Opening Comments

Subtitles: Japanese Hardsubs only

Uploader Note: JAPANESE HARDSUB SUBTITLES on all content, main movie, extras, etc. (except during performances)
please wait for a non-Japanese release.

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SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original Version- 2016 Bluray 1080p x264-AF mirror

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