Special Reasons 2014 WEB-DL x264 1080p

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Special Reasons 2014 1080p x264 AAC-SmY (CHN Embbed subs)

One day, the reporter went to the village to interview the provincial capital, according to the clues provided by the masses, follow it, and found this place to stay anonymous donors, but did not find himself, after a series of follow-up survey found that donor-school children and school construction is a prostitutes, but after several conversations with the prostitutes, the reporter gradually produced a favorable impression on the prostitutes, but just want to help this reporter prostitutes when she died in a pick surprises than reporters of sorrow, in prostitutes found the relics left behind a diary, above the dense record with the mentality of a prostitute, originally the name of a prostitute is a primary school teacher before his death, she had also donated to the children in school classes, it is because the school may be too poor, she had to put down the teaching, go to work, but working in a glass of water ...

Director: Shen Jiang Ping
Starring: Hou Yu / Wang Ruohan / Ma Qiang
Genre: Drama / Family
Countries and regions: China
Release date: January 2014

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