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Stakeout involves a veteran policeman (Seiji Miyaguchi) and a junior associate (Minoru Ohki) trying to capture a malefactor during an oppressively hot summer. Here, however, the focus is not so much on searching, but on waiting and watching. Their fugitive has fled Tokyo, leaving no real trail. For lack of any better options, the two officers travel to the town in Kyushu in which the criminal's former girl friend (Hideko Takmine) lives. Once in Kyushu, they rent a room in an inn across the street from Takamine's home. While watching Takamine's day to day life, they grow increasing sympathetic of her plight, she is married to a rather boorish banker and has a bunch of demanding children. She not only has to do all the housework unaided, but also has to take on extra chores to help pay household expenses (her husband being quite stingy). The apparent idleness of the two detectives leads to lots of speculation (and a bit of merriment) among the inn's staff (led by proprietress Kumeko Urabe)...

Stakeout 張込み (1958) AVC 1080p BD50 - Yoshitarô Nomura, Custom subs

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Genre: Crime / Drama / Film-Noir
Distributor: Shochiku
Year: 1958
Country: Japan
Director: Yoshitarô Nomura

Source: BD50 Retail
Blu-ray Codec: AVC
Blu-ray Size: BD50
Programs Used: Aegisub, avs2bdnxml, BD Reauthor Pro, Scenarist BD
Screen Format: Widescreen (16:9)
Resolution: 1080p
Subtitles: English Custom

Menu: Untouched
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
Extras: Untouched


. Japanese LPCM 2.0


. Trailer

Uploader's Comments:

All credit goes to miikki who did the hard work of ripping the English subtitles from a Criterion on Hulu capture of the film.

Tested on TMT3, TMT5

Blue Ribbon Awards, 1959
Won Blue Ribbon Award
Best Screenplay

Kinema Junpo Awards, 1959
Won Kinema Junpo Award
Best Screenplay

Mainichi Film Concours, 1959
Won Mainichi Film Concours
Best Screenplay

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