The Story of a Man Among Men 修羅の群れ 1984 DVDRip x264

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Hiroki Matsukata takes the lead role in this epic film as a young spirited yakuza, who starts out a lowly gambler, to running one of the strongest yakuza families ever. After getting attacked and almost dying from major head wounds, he swiftly rises in the ranks of the yakuza. With the respect and loyalty of his yakuza family and sworn brothers, he lifts himself as a boss. Along the way he continues to gather the loyalty of quality men as brothers, as the numbers begin to grow in his yakuza army. Will he survive the challenges or prove himself "A man among men"?

The Story of a Man Among Men 修羅の群れ (1984) x264.DVDRip-AFUL
x264 2h 1mn 2456 Kbps 704x460 pixels Constant 23.976 fps
AC-3 384 Kbps 2 Channels Stereo Japanese
Source: DVD9 Retail
Subtitle: English
Chapter Included

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Genre: Action / Drama / Yakuza
Distributor: Toei
Year: 1984
Country: Japan
Director: Kôsaku Y

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