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Reunited by the death of a friend, a group of former schoolmates reassesses themselves and their earlier times together.

Hearing on the TV news that a young woman called Tomomi Manabe is missing, presumed dead in a boat accident, twentysomething Teruaki sets about rounding up other people who knew her. Some are interested, others not, but eventually a group assembles for Tomomi’s funeral, at which they chew over the past — and Teruaki finally faces up to the realization that she was his first love.

Sunflower ひまわり (2000) NTSC DVD5 - Isao Yukisada, Custom subs

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Genre: Comedy / Drama
Distributor: KSS Films
Year: 2000
Country: Japan
Director: Isao Yukisada (GO, Day on the Planet, Parade)

Source: DVD5 Retail
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Size: DVD5
Programs Used: DVDFab, Subtitle Workshop, MuxMan, Dvdauthor, Ifoupdate
Screen Format: Widescreen (Letterboxed)
Audio Language: Japanese
Audio Format: DD 2.0
Subtitles: English (custom)

Menu: Untouched
Video: Untouched
DVD Extras: Untouched

Uploader's Comments:
A TEAM AWESOME Presentation

Isao Yukisadas sophomore film - another great one from this director.

Thanks to Flocke at ADC

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