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Plot: Known as the "Little Maldives," said the five-star resort island bimonthly Bay, blue sky, beach, boats, bikini beautiful long legs, sun handsome ...... constitute the one full of "romance", "affair", "love at first sight" keyword screen, but it's all in here with native Su Jialin (Deng Jiajia ornaments) has nothing to do, she just want paddled boats in the sky line of her camera to capture the beauty of the place. However, like a "crab" as Rampage Yachts easily let her camera along with her dream of "wasted" the. Accident perpetrator is a well-known consortium second son Lou Hao (Wang Chuanjun ornaments), they regard grudges.
As the saying goes, "Yuanjialuzhai" Aries female and male lion Jialin Hao Lou frequently to encounter in every corner of the blue sky resort, staged one another out, "clashes" and eventually defeated ancestry large Aries woman Woe end, had to "bondage" added Lou Hao project. Aries female and male lion off a field of cooperation "reign of terror"

Sweet Summer Love
AKA: 夏日示爱/两情双月 / Liang Qing Shuang Yue
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: 13 August 2013
Runtime: 94 min
Director: Chen Jialin (陈家霖)
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese (Hardcoded)

Cast: Annie Wu Chen-Chun, Chan Ka-Lam, China, Deng Jia-Jia, Eric Wang Chuan-Jun, Kristy Yeung Kung-Yu, Lam Suet, version: Hong Kong, Wong Yat-Fei

在素有“小马尔代夫”之称五星度假岛双月湾,蓝天、沙滩、游艇、比基尼长腿美女、阳光美男……都构成了一幅充满了“浪漫”“艳遇”“一见钟情”关键字的画面,然而这一切都与在这儿土生土长的苏嘉琳(邓家佳饰)无关,她只想着划着她的小艇在海天一线的地方用相机捕捉美景。然而一艘像“大螃蟹”一样横冲直撞的游艇轻易地让她的相机与她的美梦一起“泡汤”了。事故肇事者是某知名财团二公子娄皓(王传君 饰),两人就此结怨。

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