Swimy – Rubble to Uchuu [2015] CD Album

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[Album] Swimy - Rubble to Uchuu [2015.06.03]
(Swimy - ラブルと宇宙)
FLAC / Lossless / CD / 203.86 MB

Release Info
Swimy's first mini album, given a limited release on June 3, 2015 through the "TOWER RECORDS presents ROOKIES!!! Campaign" as part of the store's "Fire Starter" program. The cover was handdrawn by members of the group.

1. Mascot ni Naritakute (マスコットになりたくて)
2. Time Shift (タイムシフト)
3. Anata no Koto wo Boku ni Sukoshi Oshiete Kurenai ka (あなたのことを僕に少し教えてくれないか)
4. Tsunagu Kokoro (繋ぐ心)
5. Rice wa Pan ga Suki (ライスはパンが好きだ)
6. Honto no Uso (ほんとのウソ)
7. Lonely Land (ロンリーランド)

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