Stars and Rabbit – Constellation [2015] CD Album

[Album] Stars and Rabbit - Constellation [05.15.2015]
MP3 / 320 / CD

One listen to Constellation, Indonesian indie folk pop duo Stars and Rabbit’s debut studio album, will never be enough. These 11 solidly-produced tracks from guitarist Adi Widodo and singer Elda Suryani are enigmatic, charming, childlike, imaginative, unforgettable and more. The two old friends first joined forces in 2011, their combined musical influences including primarily British and Icelandic artists known for pushing creative limits and pioneering sound art: Sigur Rós, Coldplay, Radiohead, Emiliana Torrini, Imogen Heap, and Sia to name a few.

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Macabre (2009) 1080i AVC DTS-HD MA BD25 1080p

When a group of friends traveling through the countryside stop to help a young woman, they cannot imagine the nightmare this innocent act of kindness will soon unleash. Invited to dine with the rescued woman’s family, the group is poisoned, taken into captivity and tortured, and must struggle to survive chainsaws, giant hair pins, knives, and the unusual brute strength of this macabre family.

Macabre (2009) AVC 1080i BD25 - Custom subtitles

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Pocong Keliling (2012) DVD ISO

A complex in the center of the village experienced a panic when it appears that there Pocong issues that arise every night, knock on every door from house to house. This poses a problem at various parties. Mr. Jamal ( Indra Birowo ) and his wife, Astrid ( Beautiful Kalalo ) angry because the houses in the complex did not sell they sell. While the affair schedule pack Jamal and his neighbor, Barbara ( Catherine Wilson ) became chaotic. There is also Rommy and Angel new partner in the complex and continually failing to enjoy the first night for fear visited pocong. In addition, a number of people are also trying to take advantage of the mobile pocong scene.

Monique, a TV reporter, and kameramannya faithful, struggling to cover the news and get a picture pocong live, because it is the only way that they both do not get fired. Finally, appear ridiculous pair of thieves, Bombay and Asbun, who tried in various ways to take advantage of the situation the scene

Pocong Keliling (2012) PAL DVD5 - Indonesia

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Killers 2014 WEB-DL x264 720p

Killers 2014 720p WEB-DL READNFO x264 - VAiN
Directed by: The Mo Brothers
Duration: 2 hour, 14 mins
Language: Indonesian with some English and Japanese
Subtitles: English (hardsubbed)

Nomura is a serial killer who views people as targets to kill. Nomura kills a woman in a room. He records the murder and places it on the internet. Bayu works as a journalist in Jakarta, Indonesia. He happens to see the video and becomes attracted to the beauty layered within the cruel visuals. One day, Bay is attacked by a robber. He fights back and kills the robber. Bayu films the robber dying. He places the recording on the internet. Nomura then sees the video recorded by Bayu. Nomura sympathizes with Bayu. A competition takes place.

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