Risa Niigaki – Black Film [2015] DVD ISO

[DVD] Risa Niigaki - Black Film [2015.06.03]
(新垣里沙 - ブラック・フィルム)

DVD release of a film "Black Film" starring Risa Niigaki (ex-Morning Musume.). Also appears Yuta Furukawa famous for his role in a musical "Prince of Tennis." Plot: Saori Nakazawa is a woman who aims to be an actress. One day, she is noticed that her mother has a very short time to live, and joins an audition for a film "Real Actress" as the final opportunity. There, she meets other competitors. One of them, Miho is capable of doing anything in order to get the main role, and Saori gradually builds animosity toward Miho. And then . . .

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