Baby Run 2013 WEB-DL x264 1080p


Movie: Baby Run
AKA: 宝贝快跑 / Bao Bei Kuai Pao
Genres: Romance, Comedy
Director: Baosheng Li
Stars: Wei Lee, Angel Liu, Chunrong Dai, Fengyan Zong, Naiyi Liu, Ben Niu, Yanan Wang
Release Date: 8 Mar 2013 (China)
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Subtitles: Chinese (hardsubbed)
English (none ATM)


Baby Run tells the story of Wei Lee plays the fashion designer Tony came to seek inspiration in Foshan, he found himself restricted use of the credit card. Penniless and he mugged, thanks to help Liu Yu Xin (Angel Liu) Parkour-loving girls played A Bao, who had a series of interesting things happen.

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Nen Mo Quan 2013 WEB-DL x264 1080p

Nen Mo Quan 2013 1080p x264 AAC-SmY (NO Subs yet)

Three looks beautiful , young girls have their own characteristics : Yuchun , coco, small a, to their way of life, a city in the southern city full of modern city cracks in hard, make a living. Soft mode circle, this seemingly stylish, gorgeous career behind the ring, filled with many people do not know about the sad and helpless ? Good, pure spring spring, originally had a childhood boyfriend Xiaoqiang , two quiet life , to love one another , because of the work of the boss's coveted Friends coco, a little jealousy , let love drew a line ; coco, bent on the pursuit of money , at the expense of the flesh and tasted the evil ; small a, because psychologically twisted selfish , self-indulgent , but unfortunately live in the southern city as the background to the reality of hot fresh eyes , tells the group Dreamgirls career ? ? growing concern of love ...... mostly young film and television , the circle model , but they do not understand , which contains many sad and tears , how many people were buried forever under the pyramid , while foothold in the human pyramid , also down to earth , constantly demanding their own , reflecting the values ??of humanity and reality of conflict and struggle .

Director: Tan Xiaogang
Starring : Panchun Chun / Xing Mei Mei / Zhu Yingying
Type: Erotic / Drama / Romance

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Beijing nightclub 2: Goddess qualities 2014 WEB-DL x264 1080p

Beijing nightclub 2: Goddess qualities 2014 1080p WEB-DL.x264.AAC-SmY

Director: Zhang Peng
Genre: Romance | Mandarin | Mandarin
Starring: High Mengyao | Xi Wang Ran | Jimmy Wang Lu
Screenwriter: Zhang Peng
Premiere : January 1, 2014

Raymond Lee a Cock wire , finding love in the true nature of True COLOR nightclubs trip , the goddess of love at first sight of the true nature of the area 's best nightclubs TrueCOLOR goddess Natalia unable to extricate themselves . As he is not afraid Cock wire gap of life, but do not fear nightclub groups in various rules and obstruct really impressed with several other goddesses goddess Natalia best around . Zhang Xiaoning goddess help and the help of friends , a successful transformation , and instantly became the Prince of Love Songs Worker nightclub district .
In the " nightclub Beijing 1" , KAV night an actor ] and [ Ma Qiang [ actor ] night a poster of a military order attracted people love full body of work are looking for true love

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No Breathing (2013) DVDRip XviD


Set in the world of competition swimming. Woo-Sang (Lee Jong-Suk) is a national swimmer. He pursues the number one spot. Won-Il (Seo In-Guk) is gifted swimmer, but stopped participating in the sport. He then makes a come back.

Audio Sound: Korean

Movie: No Breathing
Revised romanization: Nobeureshing
Hangul: 노브레싱
Director: Jo Yong-Sun
Writer: Jo Yong-Sun, Yoo Young-A
Producer: Lee Song-Joon, Park Chang-Hyun, Jung Dae-Hoon
Cinematographer: Lee Joon-Gyu

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