11 A.M. (2013) HDRip x264


In the not-so distant future, researchers at a deep-sea labaratory have finally succeded in inventing a time machine. Heavily burdened by financial stress, head researcher Woo-seok is promised more funding from a mega-corporation, if he successfully completes a test flight. Ji-wan tries to stop his colleague and lover, Young-eun from going on the dangerous flight, but Woo-seok and Young-eun carry out the mission and travel to 11 A.M - the next day. They arrive at the planned time only to find the base on the verge of collapse. What could have happened in the 24 hours?

Audio Sound: Korean
Subtitle: None
Movie: 11:00 AM (English title) / AM 11:00 (Korean English title)
Revised romanization: Yeolhanshi
Hangul: 열한시
Director: Kim Hyun-Seok
Writer: Lee Seung-Hwan, Yoo Young-A, Kim Kyu-Won, Kim Hyun-Seok

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