Chalet (2015) DVD ISO

The 5 BOI brothers used to be a tightly knit family.However, their relationship became estranged when Boi Cuit furthers his culinary skills abroad and never return. The eldest, Boi Besar is getting married and wants to introduce his wife-to-be Siska, to all his other brothers, Boi Champion, Boi Ketat and Baby Boi. He books a chalet and insists on Boi Cuit to be present too. Upon seeing Siska’s peculiar antics and beauty practices, the four Boi Brothers suspect that she is not human. They embark on a mission with Baby Boi’s paranormal expertise to prove that Siska is a vampire. Meanwhile, Boi Ketat’s new girlfriend, Wanee, whom he just met through Facebook comes to visit him at the chalet. Wanee, being fragile and weak willed becomes the first among the rest to be disturbed by the Chalet's two resident Ghosts. When Ah Kiang the tailong, comes looking for Boi Champion who has an overdue debt with him, things takes a turn and this leads to mayhem they have never imagined…

Chalet (2015) PAL DVD5 - Singapore

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Greedy Ghost 2012 DVD VOB

Greedy Ghost (simplified Chinese: 贪心鬼见鬼; pinyin: Tān Xīn Guĭ Jiàn Guĭ) is a Singaporean comedy horror film and the third film in the Singapore Ghost franchise (the first being Where Got Ghost?, and the second being The Ghosts Must Be Crazy; the cast differs, though), directed and written by Boris Boo. The film is executive produced by local funnyman Mark Lee, stars Kang Kang, Henry Thia, Brendan Yuen and Jesseca Liu, and is about the greed of a worker at a funeral parlour causing him to see actual ghosts. The film is Lee's very first attempt as an executive producer and is also the inaugural time in which his talent company, Galaxy Entertainment, is funding a movie. Officially opened in cinemas on August 16, 2012, in Singapore, and on July 26, 2012, in Malyasia, filming commenced and took place in the latter.

Greedy Ghost 貪心鬼見鬼 (2012) NTSC DVD5 - Singapore

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The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 2014 DVD ISO

The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown picks up after Mikey (Wang Weiliang)’s and Babyface (Maxi Lim)’s superb performance in the first round of the competition. Shi Shen (Tosh Zhang) becomes jealous of Mikey, especially after he discovers Mikey’s feelings for Xiao Yu (Eva Cheng). More determined to succeed, Shi Shen spends every waking hour in training and neglects Xiao Yu. Even ignoring her efforts to cook a meal for him. As the finals approach, Xiao Yu begs Shi Shen to withdraw from the competition after he is nearly injured in a sabotage attempt. Matters worsen when Xiao Yu is kidnapped during the finals. Shi Shen and Mikey are both torn between the competition and their love for Xiaoyu. Who will step up to save her?

The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 獅神決戰之終極一戰 (2014) NTSC DVD5

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That Girl In Pinafore 2013 DVDRip x264


Title: That Girl in Pinafore
Original Title: 我的朋友, 我的同学, 我爱过的一切
Director: Chai Yee Wei
Writer: Chai Yee Wei
Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance
Language: Mandarin | English | Malay
Country: Singapore
Runtime: 115 Min
Year: 2013
Release Date: 1 August 2013 (Singapore)
IMDb: Vote Here!
Subtitle: English

Jiaming, a free spirited teenager, has never taken school seriously. However, he is forced to confront his future when he flunks his O level exams and drops out of school. While deciding his future, Jiaming decides to help out at his parents music pub, Meng Chuan. Jiaming's buddies Caogen, Haoban and Xiaopang pass their exams and move on to Junior College. But they are caught by the principal for wrongdoing and are suspended for a month. During this month, the boys join a local music competition, and they also meet the girls there.

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