Girls’ Generation – The Best [2014] Limited Complete Edition Bluray

SNSD Girls' Generation - The Best [2014.07.23]
ISO / Blu-Ray [42.73 GB]
Label : EMI Records / Universal Music
UPCH-29171 / 4988005831767

The menues don't seem to work. I'm not sure where that issue comes from. I examined my disc closely, there are no scratches on there. I also used testing software which gave no read errors whatsoever (not one). THE GOOD NEWS: I played the disc with MPC-HC and all the videos play flawlessly. You can choose between different playlists going to the bar on the top under "Navigate -> Blu-Ray Playlists" (an inconvenience, I admit). Since my disc doesn't have any physical damage and all the videos play without fault, I assume that SM messed up. Fortunately, the only problem is the disappearance of the menues, all content is on there! (MVs, Interview, Making of...) I hope this is satisfactory for everybody, please excuse this problem.

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