Vanishing Point (2015) DVD9 VOB

The story of two very different men, a horrific car accident, and a crime committed deep in the woods. Various facts and stories are cautiously presented, but the pieces of the puzzle don't fall into place straight away.

Vanishing Point วานิชชิ่ง พอยท์ (2015) PAL DVD9
Vanishing Point (2015) DVDRip x264-UUU
DVD9 / VOB / Untouched
Subtitle: English & Thai

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Wandering (2016) DVD9 VOB

Nob leads a happy life in a small town with his wife and young son. But when his son dies and his wife leaves him, he is unable to cope. Even others in the village turn their backs on him. He becomes lonely and feels completely dejected. He plunges deeper and deeper into a downward spiral from which it seems he may not escape. That is, until a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a monk who encourages him to join the Buddhist priesthood.

Wandering ธุดงควัตร (2016) PAL DVD9
DVD9 / VOB / Untouched 7.23GB
Subtitle: English (hardcoded)

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Timeline 2014 Bluray BD50 1080p

Mat, a mother forced to raise her son Tan on her own after being widowed early in her marriage. In this Mat gets help from Watt, who falls in love with her for a long time. Tan is expected to be like his dad but instead wants to escape what he regards as the narrow confines of his mother's world. His dreams look like coming true when he meets June, a free spirit who knows what she wants from life. The young woman quickly makes up for what Tan feels he's missing and in the process helps him reconnect with his mother.

Timeline จดหมาย ความทรงจำ (2014) AVC 1080p BD50
BluRay / BD50 / Untouched 41.65 GB
Timeline 2014 1080p Bluray x264-UUU
Subtitle: Chinese

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Mr. Hurt (2017) DVD5 VOB

A perfect world champion tennis pro "Don Sri-Chang" (Sunny Suwanmethanont) who is an idol for everyone. He's both lucky in game and lucky in love that his girlfriend is a superstar. Later, his girlfriend turned his marriage proposal down to date with a rock star. Don was left heartbroken. After having sunk into misery for months, his long-lost friend, "Dew" appears from nowhere and revives his paralyzed mind. Can this girl be the game changer in Don's love life?
Mr. Hurt มิสเตอร์เฮิร์ท มือวางอันดับเจ็บ (2017) PAL DVD5
Subtitle: None

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The Last Executioner เพชฌฆาต (2014) DVD5 VOB

Inspired by real events, THE LAST EXECUTIONER is the incredible true story of Chavoret Jaruboon, the last person in Thailand whose job it was to execute by gun - a wild rock and roller who took a 'respectable' job to support the family he loved devotedly, then constantly tried to reconcile the good and bad karma that came from his decision. It is a story of life at its most beautiful and death at its most surreal.
The Last Executioner เพชฌฆาต (2014) PAL DVD5
DVD / VOB / Untouched
Subtitle: English

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Suddenly Twenty 20 (2016) DVD5 ISO

Parn is a stubborn old woman in her 70's whose only pleasure in life is to brag about her son who she single-handedly raised to be a professor. One day, she learns that her son is planning to send her off to a nursing home. While wondering the street in shock and grave disappointment, she is drawn to a mysterious light and walks into a photo studio called 'Chaya Lumruek.' She puts on a makeup for the first time to get her portrait take, but when she leaves she is shocked to see her reflection. Skin fair and supple and slender figure, she's gone back to being a vibrant 20-year-old young woman again! With no one recognizing her, she sees it as a second chance at life and decides to take advantage of her new-found youth that she never got to enjoy in her old days...
Suddenly Twenty 20 ใหม่ ยูเทิร์นวัย หัวใจรีเทิร์น (2016) PAL DVD5
Subtitle: N/A

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Sunset at Chaophraya คู่กรรม (1988) Bluray BD25 1080p

It's 1939 in Siam. The Japanese are threatening invasion and the Free Thai movement is gaining momentum. Angsumalin, the beautiful daughter of a military leader, says good-bye to her friend Vanus, who is going to England to study. She won't promise to marry him, but will give him an answer when he returns. The Japanese invade, and circumstances bring Angsumalin together with Kobori, an idealistic Japanese captain, who is also related to a powerful Japanese general. Although she despises Kobori, she agrees to marry him for political purposes to protect her father and the Free Thai movement. In 1944, Vanus returns and the conflicting rivalries and emotions come to a head.

Sunset at Chaophraya คู่กรรม (1988) AVC 1080p BD25
Sunset at Chaophraya.1988.1080p.Blu-ray.x264-UUU
Subtitle: English

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Bangkok 13 (2016) DVD5 VOB


Pia has a sixth sense which enables her to see the supernatural. She joins a paranormal TV show to know more about her "gift" and the team works with her to unlock the 13 haunted secrets in Bangkok.
Bangkok 13 (2016) NTSC DVD5
DVD5 / VOB / Untouched / 4.08 GB
Subtitle: English, Chinese(T)

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