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In Thailand, there is a legend that if you lie in a coffin for one night, then you can fool the grim reaper and escape bad luck. To prolong his girlfriend's life, Australia-raised Thai architect Chris (Ananda Everingham) overcomes his claustrophobia and participates in the mass coffin ritual. Diagnosed with terminal cancer one week before her wedding, Hong Kong nutritionist Sue (Karen Mok) also runs off to Thailand for the ritual in hopes of cheating death. Soon after the ritual, however, Chris and Sue realize there are consequences worse than death as they begin to encounter strange and terrifying paranormal experiences.

Hong Kong actress Karen Mok and heartthrob Ananda Everingham from Shutter star in the Thai horror The Coffin directed by award-winning Beautiful Boxer filmmaker Ekachai Uekrongtham. Inspired by a real Thai ritual, The Coffin situates its chills and thrills within a greater meditation on life and death, laying out the horrific consequences of trying to counter fate and cheat death. A big hit at the box office, The Coffin co-stars Hong Kong actor Andrew Lin (The Heavenly Kings) and Napakprapa Mamee Nakprasit from Art of Devil 2, and features location shooting throughout Thailand.

The Coffin โลงต่อตาย (2008) PAL DVD5
DVD / ISO / Untouched
Subtitle: Italian
Genre: Thriller / Horror / Drama

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