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Studio Live Sessions on March 8. At this studio live sessions, new songs from the coming 2nd album (released on March 18) were performed with 5 drummers who participated in the recording of the album: BOBO, Munenori Senju, Toshiki Hata (ex. Tokyo Incident), Miyoko Yamaguchi (detroit 7), Kosuke Wakiyama

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3月12日 20:00までの48時間限定配信です。
Recording of A N D Pre​-​Release Studio Live Session on March 8th 2015, featuring 5 support drummers.
Downloaded from tricot's bandcamp. Available for download for ¥500 or above, from March 10 to March 12.

1.Noradrenaline - Studio Live Session 04:12
2.Hashire - Studio Live Session 03:40
3.Kobe Number - Studio Live Session 03:54
4.E - Studio Live Session 03:50
5.Niwa - Studio Live Session 06:30

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

tricot-AND.Pre​-​Release.Studio.Live.Session.2014_V0_VBR_Web.rar – Mirror1Mirror2

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