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Posted 22/02/2016 Film

Father's business failed and mother could not stand the pressure from the creditors and divorced the husband. Seven year old Qiangqiang started a new life with his single father...

The Two of Us 父子關係 1987 DVDRip x264-AF
DVD / VOB / 3.37 GB
Subtitle: Chinese (traditional) only

Won Golden Horse Award 'best adapted screenplay' in 1986.

爸爸生意失敗,媽媽受不了債主每天上門的壓力,與爸爸離婚了,七歲的強強歸爸爸。 爸爸找不到工作,強強不習慣於突然的節省,父子兩人常常爭吵,爸爸借酒澆愁,又碰到老朋友坑他,決心振作,賣掉房子帶著強強搬到旗津重新生活。 爸爸還是找不到工作,為了強強拋開面子,找到貨櫃公司護衛員的工作,沒想到卻碰到事業有成的媽媽。

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