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Plot: Has musical talent, gifted Wupei Shan (Wu Mo ornaments) in her brother (China less decorated) had strongly opposed With regret apply under the Business Administration. Upcoming music festival, is Wupei Shan realize the dream of music, let my brother know their best to re-stage ......
The same love of music 李子扬 (Li-generation foam ornaments) is a "grass-roots" musicians working in a bar. Wupei Shan accidentally acquainted with Li Ziyang and Li Ziyang accidentally discovered hidden in the hearts of unknown vocal talent. Wupei Shan Li Ziyang want to help show their talent, but does not accept Wupei Shan Li Ziyang not only help, but with lopsided, confusing cheerful Wupei Shan reason to let more curious by nature, want to check it out ......
Music Festival start soon, Li Ziyang knot in Wupei Shan, Ding fluttering (Tintin ornaments), Zhang Yue (Zhang Wei ornaments), Liu Yichen (mountain ornaments), Wang Wei (Wang ornaments), Zhao Anna (Zhao Lu ornaments) Slowly finally parted with the help of others. While Wupei Shan, 李子扬 et al Momalibing ready when the festival a go, let her brother's efforts appear instantly 吴沛珊 back to the freezing point ......
Dean of Music (Wang Feng ornaments) to 吴沛珊, the girl from the business management major concern, adding that he thought I looked 吴沛珊 allow youth who love the music of the past ...... (Google Translate)

Title: Want You
AKA: 中国好声音之为你转身
Genre: Musical , Drama, Romance
Release Date: 2013
Runtime: 95min
Director: Yee-Wei Chai
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese Hardsubs

李代沫 Daimo Li ….李子扬
汪峰 Feng Wang ….音乐学院院长
华少 Shao Hua ….吴沛珊哥哥
张玮 Wei Zhang ….张乐
丁丁 Ding Ding ….丁飘飘
王克 Ke Wang ….王葳
赵露 Lu Zhao ….赵安娜
大山 Shan Da ….刘一宸
张赫宣 Hexuan Zhang
金池 Chi Jin
萱萱 Xuan Xuan
李秋泽 Qiuze Li

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