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Dive into Hong Kong's hip-hop wave with Adam Wong's (Magic Boy, When Beckham Met Owen) breakout movie The Way We Dance. Made with a small budget and minimal star power, the high-energy dance movie took Hong Kong cinemas by storm in 2013. Led by newcomer Cherry Ngan and a passionate dance crew made up of Babyjohn, Lokman, Janice and amputee dancer Tommy "Guns" Ly, the highly successful street-dancing drama is on par with the Step Up series with its mind-blowing dance sequences and pulse-racing dance battles. Cherry plays an amateur dancer who breaks into the hip-hop world and embarks on a dream-chasing journey with those who share the same passion as she does.

The Way We Dance 狂舞派 (2013) NTSC DVD5

Fa (Cherry Ngan) works in her family's tofu store but dreams day and night of being a professional dancer. Signing up for the college dance crew BombA once she got admitted into university, Fa turns into the school's new emerging hip-hop star overnight and quickly hits it off with crew captain Dave (Lokman). After being introduced to Tai Chi by Leung (Babyjohn), Fa looks to incorporate the traditional martial arts into her dance but is devastated by leg injuries. Going head-to-head against BombA's strong rival Rooftoppers, Fa finds it hard to believe what Stormy (Tommy "Guns" Ly), Rooftoppers' leader, has in store for her, and the lengths to which Stormy goes in the name of dance.

Growing up in an ancestral tofu shop, Fleur is acturally a Hip Hop genius. As soon as she gets admitted to university, she becomes a supernova in the university dance crew, BowbA, and is highly esteemed by its heartthrob captain, Dave. The group’s other freshman recruit, the seductive and beautiful Rebecca, not only steals Dave’s heart but also instigates the other members to compare Fleiur’s dance steps to a fiddler crab’s moves, Fleur leaves BombA in despair. Meanwhile, Alan, the dowdy chairman of the Tai Chi Club recruits Fleur into his club. Fleur soon discovers an unknown side of Alan’s character, love soon blossoms between them, bringing two seemingly opposite worlds together. While Fleur is blissfully in love, Dave begs her to return to BombA. Having withdrawn from the group to participate in a beauty contest, the ambitious Rebecca quickly becomes the Queen of Scandals in the tabloids. Meeting Dave again makes Fleur realize her passion; stung with jealousy, Alan injures Fleur inadvertently while pushing hands. At this very moment, Stormy, the leader of Rooftoppers suddenly shows up in front of the wheelchair-ridden Fleur and discloses to her the secret to Rooftoppers’ success…

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Genre............: Drama
Distributor......: Panorama Corporation Limited
Year.............: 2013
Country..........: Hong Kong
Director.........: Adam Wong

Source...........: DVD5 Retail
DVD Format.......: NTSC
DVD Size.........: DVD5
Programs Used....: DVD Decrypter
Video Bitrate....: 16:9
Screen Format....: Widescreen
Audio Language...: Cantonese, Mandarin
Audio Format.....: Dolby Digital 5.1EX, Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles........: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English

Menu.............: [x] Untouched
[ ] Stripped

Video............: [x] Untouched
[ ] Re-encoded

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