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Wei Xin Zhi Yan Yu 2014 1080p WEB-DL.x264 AAC SmY (CHN SUbs)

The story is a standard hero Shaohui Cock wire, work hard during the day and at night crazy overtime, so live life day by day, I do not know what time it is tall, his status as the legendary three mildew staff, no house, no car , no girlfriend, although nothing, but that's a very high standard mate, we must find a "goddess." One day his friend Xiaofan gave him a "score artifact" from his days madness. Promises never been in love, are afraid to mention that he is afraid of being a virgin jokes. Not to mention the bubble goddess, and little girls are generally despise him. Surprisingly, he took the "score artifact" really spiritual, effortlessly taking a dip in a sexy goddess, also talked about a romantic love, who knows what was later brought to light, Jifeidanda also his injuries do not say it ...

Title: Wei Xin Zhi Yan Yu
Genre: Comedy , Drama
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 1h
Director: Wei Junming
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese

Liang Yongbin
Hou Dejian
Zhu Ying Ying
Gui Jingjing

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