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Xiaoming (Gabriel Harrison) of the four friends in Huangshan Village played a "necromancer Games" has died mysteriously, because intuition there is something strange, Xiao Ming to the reporter's sister Cissy (Gigi) for help, to obtain exclusive news, Cissy introduced to parapsychology rather study and has a crush on his good friend scared (Francis ng) to Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming rushed to the Huangshan Village survey, to understand the village in hundreds of years ago there had been bizarre massacre, meantime is husband plotting to kill after that the reason of her death, Cantonese Opera Diva Chu beauty (our) once in three days killed the village 66 lives, and now her ghost is is because the bones was the new engineering cast into the side of the pool. After further investigation, two people find ghost to kill the technique in fact is to make the drink Tanshui hallucinations mysteriously after sudden death, but at the same time Cissy and her husband have been drinking water, to save the Cissy, Xiao Ming and scared has drink water jumped into the deep end of the pool.

A Wicked Ghost 山村老屍 (1999) NTSC DVD5
DVD / ISO / Untouched
Subtitle: Chinese, English, Malay


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