Wonderful Radio (2012) DVD9+DVD5 ISO

Posted 27/04/2015 Film

A washed-up idol-turned-DJ gets a second shot for fame in the charming hit romance Love On Air. The famously beautiful Lee Min Jung (Cyrano Agency) is the heroine of the story, while Lee Jung Jin (Troubleshooter) is the producer who turns things around for her, both career and romance-wise. Back in the day, former teen idol Jin Ah (Lee Min Jung) was once the nation's sweetheart, beloved by all. Now she's a DJ with a radio program that's in danger of being axed for low ratings. The pressure's on when a no-nonsense producer, Jae Ik (Lee Jung Jin), is brought onto the show and demands fresh ideas. Though the two get off to a bad start, sparks begin to fly when they see past each other's standoffish exteriors. Jin Ah's proposed segment inviting normal, everyday people to share a story and sing a song turns into a surprise hit, and she even gets the chance to show off her songs on-air again. But a rival's sabotaging could tank her career once and for all.
Wonderful Radio 원더풀 라디오 (2012) NTSC DVD9+DVD5
Subtitle: English, Korean


::: Disk configuration
○ DISC 1
● Watch movies (PLAY MOVIE)
● Set (SET UP)
- Voice selection (Audio)
- Korean Dolby Digital 5.1
- Audio Commentary
(Kwon Chil-in coach, Lee Min-jung, Lee Jung-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Kwang - soo)
* Subtitle selection (Subtitles)
- Korean (Korean)
- English (English)
- No subtitles (None)
● scene selection (CHAPTERS)

○ DISC 2
● Radio 20:10
● hit song 16:00
● Character Video 10:00
● Purple 10:00
● Music Video 3:26
● idol group, 8:00
● premiere 8:00
● Production briefing 5:22
● Stills Gallery, 2:00
● Trailer 1:42

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