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Posted 19/05/2014 Film

Yami Douga 9 [2013] 闇動画9 - SiraddA

synopsis: Volume 9 of the ultimate horror collection following Kazuto Kodama's "The Real Deal! Cursed Videos" (Honto ni Atta! Noroi no Video).

A group of college students, take pictures while pulling a prank on their friend. However, when an ominous presence appears, unforseen events start to happen.

"Confession" mere one of the 5 episodes collected on this volume.

Yami Douga 9

Genre:Horror, Mockumentary
Runtime:68 min
Subtitles:No Subtitles!

Synopsis: 「ほんとにあった!呪いのビデオ」シリーズの児玉和土が手掛けたホラー映像集第9弾。大学生たちがサークルの仲間内で悪ふざけからある映像を撮影。だが、そこに禍々しい存在が現れ、不測の事態が起こってしまう。「告白」ほか全5エピソードを収録。

title: Videos of Darkness 9

These files can all be downloaded at Usenet.

www.oboom.com/OFAF3XSX/Yami Douga 9 [2014] – SiraddA.mkv
www.uploadable.ch/file/hFUqzwnNPPfr/Yami Douga 9 [2014] – SiraddA.mkv

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