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Posted 16/03/2015 Film


Rediaegsheon Chungchoon
Hangul: 레디액션 청춘
Director: Kim Jin-Moo, Park Ga-Hee, Ju Seong-Su, Jung Won-Sik
Release Date: November 13, 2014
Runtime: 126 min.
Genre: Omnibus / Youth
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: English & Chinese (Embedded PGS/.sup)

An omnibus film that consist of 4 shorts: The Rumor, Wonderwall , Enemies All Around and Play Girl . Young filmmakers captured youthfulness in attractive episodes to show how they react to the world of violence and insensitivity.

The Rumor:
Director: Kim Jin-Moo
Lee Dong-Hae - Jung-Woo
Woorin - Hye-Rin

Director: Park Ga-Hee
Gu Won - Jong-Gu
Nam Ji-Hyun - Seung-A
Jung Hae-In - Man-Jae

Enemies All Around:
Director: Ju Seong-Su
Song Seung-Hyun - Lee Kyo-Soo
Choi Young-Sung - CEO Kim

Play Girl:
Director: Jung Won-Sik
Seo Eun-A - Go-Eun
Park So-Dam - Yeon-Joo
Sun-A - Bo-Ra
Yoo Hae-Won - Hye-Young

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